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Cleantech Investment Opportunities Ripe in Emerging Markets

#Country Knowledge | Zafar Kanani, Forbury Investment Network | 19/02/2014

With what seems like a steady stream of weather-related news events, the potential effects of climate change on humans is beginning to rear its ugly face.

Canadian Cleantech - The Opportunity Ahead

#Country Knowledge | Asier Ania, HiveWire | 19/02/2014

Canada has had a solid footing in the cleantech industry over the last few years with an industry revenue growth of 17% from 2010 to 2011 ($10.6 Billion in 2011) outpacing that of the 11% growth in the global cleantech industry over the same period.

Smart, Sustainable Cities Conference - Cardiff, October 2013

#Country Knowledge | Forbury Investment Network | 23/10/2013

The full presentations delivered at the smart, sustainable cities conference, hosted by CEIP and Cardiff Council.

The next wave of entrepreneurial dynamism: Educating the world

#Entrepreneurship | Forbury Investment Network | 25/09/2013

Education is big business. The last two decades have seen rapid growth in the for-profit education industry. Apollo Group, a Nasdaq listed for-profit education industry

Energy Storage

#Country Knowledge | Forbury Investment Network | 25/09/2013

Energy storage is a key technology to facilitate a move to widespread renewable and distributed energy generation. The technology exists today on numerous scales for many different applications. However, the current technologies are not suitable for high-volume energy storage required on grid-scale.

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