Sri Lanka & Maldives

Sri Lanka – Less Developed But Less

30/05/2014 #Sri Lanka & Maldives

The Sri Lankan Economy has experienced accelerated growth from a 20 billion SLR economy during the 1990’s to be a 59 billion SLR economy at the end of 2011. Our geographic landscape has yet strived to maintain its natural beauty that many of our South Asia neighbor’s such as India or Pakistan have struggled to preserve during industrialization.

The CEIP launched in Sri Lanka to enable Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for the Environment

18/11/2013 #Sri Lanka & Maldives

Michael Sippitt, Chairman of the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP), explained the opportunities the CEIP creates,at the launch of the Sri Lanka hub held at Colombo Courtyard, on Thursday 14th November, 2013:

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