Bangladesh UK Environmental Foundation Update July 2018 - Michael Sippitt, Chairman, The CEIP

04/07/2018 #United Kingdom

We are pleased about the completion of the first project funded by the Bangladesh UK Environmental Foundation (an initiative connected with Clarkslegal, via the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform – The CEIP), which we helped to set up with Bangladeshi diaspora community links in the UK. This is the installation of a water treatment plant, which allows 150 families to collect safe drinking water. It is anticipated that 300-400 families will benefit from this service in the future.

Investor Briefing: Raising £3-15m Finance for Cleantech Companies

08/06/2018 #United Kingdom

Forbury Investment Network, in association with Rushlight Events and Ingenious, held a successful Investor Briefing on Raising £3-15m Finance for Cleantech Companies, on 24th May 2018.

Management fundamentals for expanding overseas

05/06/2018 #United Kingdom

Manton Townend, business consultant, discusses the important things to consider when taking your office to a new location overseas

Intra-Commonwealth trade and investment to exceed US$1.5 trillion

22/05/2018 #United Kingdom

Intra-Commonwealth trade and productive greenfield investment is expected to reach US$1.6 trillion by 2020, in spite of the global trade slowdown caused by the 2008 financial crisis.

Navigating Uncertainty - Towards a Post-Brexit Trade and Development Agenda

02/05/2018 #United Kingdom

‘Extreme uncertainty’ is a Brexit catchphrase that applies fully to the UK’s future trade relationship with developing countries - which includes many Commonwealth member countries - as well as with the remaining EU members.

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